Say goodbye to staff turnover

One of the biggest challenges facing HR Leaders in K-12 today is staff retention. Pulse provides the tools needed to change this. Find out how.

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Pulse is the easiest way for HR Leaders to...

Capture meaningful feedback

Feedback gathered over time vs snapshot views builds a richer picture of staff feeling. Pulse enables Classified and Support staff to provide feedback anonymously and easily anytime!

Empower staff members

Pulse gives the school staff a voice, increasing their engagement and feeling of empowerment. Staff are encouraged to share ideas for school improvement and be involved in making positive changes.

Make smarter decisions

Pulse saves time by providing one central place for creating and tracking initiatives for staff engagement. This holistic view of actions and results means efforts can be focused just where they’re needed.

The cost of churn

High teacher turnover undermines student achievement and consumes valuable staff time and resources. Average spend on new hires can be more than $20,000 including expenses related to recruitment, hiring, and training. Engaged staff are proven to stay in their roles longer.

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Insights not data

Analyzing survey data to understand trends and potential issues is time consuming and can be a drain on resources. Time that would be better spent ensuring corrective measures are being taken. Getting insights that drive actions is critical for busy HR Leaders.

“Our principals have found Pulse insightful and valuable as it’s provided a very accurate picture of how staff are feeling in the present vs snapshot feedback we use to capture. This has allowed us to zoom out and make better decisions earlier before it’s too late.”

Martin Mahan

HR Director, Fortsmith Public School District, Arkansas

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