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The importance of a positive school climate

Drive changes across the district and make culture and climate improvements for the whole school community.

1 in 3

students rate their school climate and culture positively across all grade levels.

Encourage student communication

Ask for regular feedback from students to show that communication is wanted and welcomed.


of teachers feel that the school and districts' vision is a shared vision amongst the community.

Maintain teacher involvement

Show teachers that the district cares about their opinions and feedback throughout their teaching life.


of parents reported that they should be more recognized within the school community.

Provide feedback channels

Improve parent engagement by giving them an inclusive platform to share their voice and concerns.


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Building equity through meaningful relationships between teachers, students, and families

In our webinar, guest speaker Dr. Luvelle Brown and a panel of guests from the district will join a discussion, led by award-winning Superintendent, Traci Davis, on the importance of relationships as schools endeavor to change and improve.


Make data driven improvements

Pulse provides the data needed to build a stronger school climate through continuous feedback.

Continuous feedback

Quick and anonymous online surveys empower students, parents and teachers to share their feelings continuously during the year.

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Climate data

Survey data feeds real time views of how the community feels in every school in the district enabling school leaders to make better decisions.

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Take action

Climate data drives improvement actions, logged in Pulse. Effective actions can be shared as best practice in the district.

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Track progress

Continuous feedback builds a picture of climate over time with trends showing the true impact of improvement actions.

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Why use Pulse?

Pulse is a tool for all students, parents and teachers to give honest, anonymous feedback.

Staff engagement

Increase staff retention through better staff engagement. Let them share their voice and show that they are valued in the school.

Student wellbeing

See how students feel about their relationships with their peers and with their teachers. See in which areas you need to focus your MTSS actions.

Family engagement

Provide a frictionless experience and get parent’s feedback in their own language giving them the confidence to express their opinions.


You are in good company

Eek School Logo

Eek School


This is awesome. I can export the results from our student wellbeing survey with one click and compare results week on week.

Science Skills Centre School Logo

Science Skills Centre School


The surveys are easy to access and complete. Our staff and students can use email or Google Classroom and they also work on all devices.

Nelson Island School Logo

Nelson Island School


The survey took very little time and the interface was student friendly. The students especially liked using the sliding scale with the different faces instead of numbers or words, that made it easier for them.

Hickman Mills C-1 School District logo

Hickman Mills C-1 School District

Associate Superintendent

I love that survey builder allows easy survey to survey comparisons and it's linkable so you don't need to be a Pulse user to complete the surveys.

Mekoryuk School logo

Mekoryuk School


Pulse gives an equal voice to every staff member, which they did not have before using this.

Douglas County School System logo

Douglas County School System


Pulse is so intuitive and easy to use. Help is always available if we ever need it!


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