Raising engagement

School culture starts and ends with people. Everyone involved in a school should have a platform to make their feelings known. Pulse makes this happen, democratizing feedback to make every voice heard.

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Increase staff and family engagement through feedback

Pulse surveys are simple to complete ensuring responses are frequent and participation is high. Available to all, Pulse surveys collect the feedback you need to identify areas where improvements should be targeted.

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I believe my school has a bright future


Real-time feedback

Pulse collects feedback through regular, anonymous online surveys. Designed to take no longer than 90 seconds and completed with a swipe of the finger, Pulse surveys enable continuous feedback through the year.

Meaningful work
Appreciation & recognition

Powerful insights

Pulse builds a holistic view of opinion by delivering a varied set of questions to each user on a regular basis. Responses are collated into scores for key areas providing powerful insights from staff, students and parents.

School management
Meaningful work
Culture fit

Frictionless adoption

Pulse surveys remove any barriers to completion by being available on any device and in any language the user prefers, ensuring easy adoption, reduction in survey fatigue and responses that truly reflect how users feel.

The importance of engagement

For staff

Engaged employees are involved and invested in their roles. They’re happier, enthusiastic and help to build a positive school culture and provide meaningful learning experiences.

For students

Engaged students have a higher degree of attention, curiosity, interest, optimism, and passion in their learning and are motivated to practice higher-level critical thinking skills.

For families

Engaged families work together with school staff to look for ways to support and improve the learning and growth of students and are advocates for the school in the community.

Using Pulse to drive better decisions

Initiatives for successful school improvement tackle the issues that matter most to staff, students and parents. Pulse delivers survey results in a format that lets you see instantly where you need to focus your efforts.

View the scores

Consolidated survey scores show how respondents feel about key areas. Pulse displays these as pillars enabling easy score comparison. Staff, students and parents pillars focus on the areas that matter most to them.

Graphic showing Satchel Pulse pillars screen with consolidated survey scores

Filter by group

Pulse lets you assign respondents to groups enabling drill down to a department or year level. This granular filtering lets you identify specific areas for improvement without losing the anonymity of the respondent.

Graphic showing Satchel Pulse school by school district comparison screen

Track the trends

Snap shot views only give a partial picture of feelings across the school. Viewing the trends across time shows whether issues are a short term blip or a long term decline and to focus your actions where they're needed most.

Graphic showing Satchel Pulse screen with feedback trends over time

“The product is very easy to use. I really appreciate how the data helps me pinpoint which issues I need to start with and how I need to prioritize.”

Martin Mahan

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
at Fort Smith Public Schools

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