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We'll give you a demo of Pulse and show you how it provides a holistic view of student progress in the district by collating data from multiple systems and displaying it all in one clear dashboard. You'll see how it provides effective teacher screening and student assessment through a simple interface and delivers powerful SEL reports, automatically collated and instantly available.

Learner Positioning product

How Pulse works

  • Data displayed from all systems
  • Visual, interactive user dashboards
  • Early warning of student progress
  • RTI tier movement tracking
  • Staff and student SEL assessment
  • Visual, interactive user dashboards
  • Filtering by demographic data

Why choose Pulse

Pulse removes the resource and time needed to bring all your student data together into one, coherent view. Pulse lets you focus on understanding how your students are progressing and making the right decisions to help increase student success.

Holistic data

Getting a single view of relevant growth and progress data in one place can be tricky.

Pulse integrates with all your data sources to provide a holistic view of each student with attendance, academic, SEL and behavior data all shown in one simple screen.

Cohort views

Issues common within groups and cohorts are not always obvious and easy to identify.

Pulse lets you segment every one of its dashboards using demographic filters to help you understand which cohorts need the most support from your teams.

Intervention logging

Your interventions need to be directed aligned with the issues they are created to solve.

Pulse informs you where you need to give support and also the tools to action it. Interventions can be logged, managed and their success tracked centrally.

Simple assessment

Assessing SEL competency across your district can be expensive and time consuming.

Pulse offers simple SEL assessment for both students and teachers using its in-built survey tool. An easy to use interface ensures answers are easily gathered.

SEL tracking

Accessible, usable data is key to knowing what support students need and when it's needed.

With the results collated in real time Pulse instantly shows competency scores and, through trends, whether issues could be short term blips or long term problems.

RTI movement

Tracking movement between RTI tiers can be unmanageable if handled manually.

Pulse shows movement of students between tiers using criteria set by you. An easy to read dashboard shows not only the percentage of students moving but who they are.


American Association of School Administrators logo

American Association of School Administrators (AASA)

Satchel Pulse is proud to partner with AASA and support their Redefining Ready! initiative.

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Missouri Association of Rural Education (MARE)

Satchel Pulse supports the Missouri Association of Rural Educators through our Associate Membership.

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Missouri Association of School Administrators (MASA)

Satchel Pulse is proud to be a Business Member of the Missouri Association of School Administrators.


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SEL & Life Readiness as We Transition to a New Year

Join educational leaders and SEL experts in a round table discussion of best practices to ensure our students are cognitively engaged as we move into 2021 and beyond.


Trusted software

Pulse is built following the guidelines of key acts as the privacy of staff, students and parents is of utmost importance to us. Satchel has also signed the Project Unicorn EdTech vendor pledge and the Student Privacy Pledge.

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Image of the logo for the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act
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Training and Support

We pride ourselves on the level of support Satchel Pulse customers receive. From day one, our dedicated team is here to provide support throughout the length of your licence.


Our team ensures that district leaders and principals get the ongoing training they need through webinars, update calls and materials to ensure that Pulse is a success in their school and district.


Our Customer Success advisors are on hand to provide help and support to district leaders and principals. Staff, students and parents can access our help centre to get the infomation they may need to help them use Pulse.


Importing setup and regular data into Pulse is seamless with integrations to all major systems and SIS integration and SSO for easy user access.

Student heartbeat data

For third party data from systems such as those listed below, we provide custom functionality to allow for importing data directly onto our student dashboard. Where possible we provide a user interface directly within Satchel Pulse which handles updates without manual intervention, similar to an automated FTP process.

  • Tyler SIS
  • Canvas
  • CollegeBoard
  • Int. Baccalaureate
  • ACT
  • NWEA
  • Access/WIDA
  • Cogat
  • Achieve 3000
  • Fastbridge
  • Acadience
  • Dibbles
  • Pearson

SIS Benefits

We sync with your SIS, pulling data directly from your district’s system to ensure staff and student data is up-to-date with minimal administration effort required from district staff.

Single Sign On

We provide single sign on options through Google and Microsoft to minimise the need for users to remember additional usernames and passwords.