Engaging staff with Pulse

Pulse targets low staff engagement, providing a tool for staff to share their voice and ensuring their opinions help drive school improvements.

Give all staff an equal voice

Listen to every staff member in every school within your district and show that they matter.

It starts with surveys

Pulse delivers regular, simple, anonymous surveys in a beautifully simple interface that take just 90 seconds to complete.

Capture meaningful feedback

Understand employees true feelings and perceptions to drive improvements where they are truly needed.

Delivering the results you need

Pulse has simple and clear dashboards that display results in one central area. Insights and trends show at a glance where issues lie.

Make smarter decisions

Act on real time data and make positive changes that show staff that they have been heard.

To track and monitor feedback

Pulse shows the true impact of improvement actions by tracking their effectiveness through feedback over time.

How are Pulse surveys different?

Survey consolidation

Pulse brings all survey tools under one roof and removes unnecessary work bringing different data sources together. Consistent survey delivery and reporting make Pulse an effective tool for gathering feedback.

Graphic showing Satchel Pulse pillars screen with consolidated survey scores

Inclusive surveys

Questions delivered in a user's first language means that surveys are fully inclusive and all staff voices are heard equally. Pulse ensures that every staff member can give open and honest feedback.

Graphic showing a Satchel Pulse survey for staff

School and District views

Pulse provides detailed dashboards for both school and district leaders with survey scores by key area and the trends seen over time. Data can be viewed down to a question level enabling issues to be pinpointed precisely.

Graphic showing Satchel Pulse school by school district comparison screen

Bespoke Surveys

Pulse’s Survey Builder lets users create any surveys from exit interviews to training requirements. Bespoke surveys allow school and district leaders to investigate specific issues and gather opinions on any topic.

Graphic showing a Satchel Pulse custom survey

Development Resources

Pulse’s Resource Center contains hundreds of carefully curated articles and videos that provide useful advice to staff. Resources are constantly updated and are aimed at helping staff with their own personal development.

Satchel Pulse's resources provides ready sourced CPD for school teachers and leaders


The pain of user management is removed with integrations into popular SISs and single sign on through Google and Microsoft. Manual options are available for those times when you need them.

Graphic showing Satchel Pulse login screen with SSO options Google, Microsoft and Classlink

The importance of staff engagement

Disengaged staff have a negative impact on their students and are more likely to leave the profession. The process to continually recruit and train new staff can be costly.


of teachers report not feeling engaged at work.


of teachers left teaching due to their lack of influence over school policies.


can be spent on average by a district on each new hire.

“Our principals have found Pulse insightful and valuable as it’s provided a very accurate picture of how staff are feeling in the present vs snapshot feedback we use to capture. This has allowed us to zoom out and make better decisions earlier before it’s too late.”

Martin Mahan

HR Director, Fortsmith Public School District, Arkansas

Learn more about Pulse

Get a demo of Pulse and see how it can transform staff engagement for you.

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