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Satchel Pulse's Climate product


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  • Staff, Student, Parent Surveys and Dashboards
  • Automated Surveying Options, choose your own frequency
  • Detailed Pillar Descriptions and Data Display
  • Trend Reporting for Survey Questions
  • User Usage and response statistics
  • Data Analysis Advice for: Celebrating, Monitoring, and Discussing/Addressing
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • District Comparison Charts
  • Advanced Filtering Options
  • SIS Integration Options
  • Customer Experience Team Support
  • Personalized Training Sessions
  • On demand training courses
  • Check-in Meetings
  • Notifications
  • Question level results and analysis
  • Help Center
Satchel Pulse's Skills product


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  • Universal Screener Assessment
  • Follow Up Diagnostic Assessment
  • Assessment Management Tools
  • MTSS/RTI Tier Recommendation and Placement Support
  • Identify specific CASEL sub-skill needs for each student
  • Recommended Student Interventions
  • Intervention Planning Tools
  • Tier 2 and Tier 3 Intervention Unit Plans
  • Progress Monitoring Tools
  • Interactive Student Profiles
  • SEL Dashboard with Live Tier Movement
  • SEL Reporting and Filtering
  • SIS Integration Options
  • Customer Experience Team
  • Personalized Training Sessions
  • Asynchronous Training Course Materials
  • Check-in Meetings
  • Notifications
  • Help Center
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Custom Survey Builder

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  • Create your own custom surveys
  • Access to survey library
  • Create multiple sections
  • Simple, easy interface
  • Results displayed in downloadable charts
  • Send to specific emails or use public link
  • Use your own branding and logo
  • Customize thank you page
  • Send reminders to get higher response rates
  • Easily republish surveys to get longitudinal data and trends
  • Help Center

Additional services

SIS Integration

For SIS integration we charge a nominal fee on a per school basis so this is dependent on the number of schools in your district.


Training to support Satchel Pulse is included in the license fee. Additional professional development is available for a fee.

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