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Engaging students, staff & caregivers for a stronger culture & climate

Our frequent community check-ins get to the root of underlying issues and help nurture better school environments for all.


  • Improve the learning experience for all students
  • Increase their academic outcomes and behavior
  • Empower them to use their voice in the community


  • Improve work environments for all staff
  • Increase staff wellbeing and job satisfaction
  • Reduce staff and teacher attrition rates


  • Improve their relationship with the district and its staff
  • Give them a voice in their child’s school environment
  • Find the common thread in a divided community

Helping your district solve its biggest culture & climate problems

As seasoned educators, we know first-hand the main problems districts face. Here’s how we help solve them.

Satchel Pulse's Climate product

Poor stakeholder wellbeing

Poor wellbeing negatively impacts learning and work environments, causing issues such as staff attrition.

How we help

Satchel Pulse's Climate product

Improve wellbeing

Ask stakeholders the right questions to unearth district issues, and then take guided next steps to solve them.


Satchel Pulse's Climate product

Poor school community insights

Infrequent, lengthy, jargon-filled climate surveys do not bring quality insights into your school community.

How we help

Satchel Pulse's Climate product

Get insights with simple surveys

Our climate surveys are sent automatically, are simple to complete, and bring high-quality, accurate data.


Satchel Pulse's Climate product

High staff turnover

The inability to learn why staff leave - or acting on these insights too late - will only make attrition worse.

How we help

Satchel Pulse's Climate product

Find out why staff leave

Get to the root of staff issues, learn what changes need to be made and where, and take action before staff leave.


Satchel Pulse's Climate product

Data collection takes too long

Climate data can take so long to collect that it is already inaccurate by the time it’s aggregated.

How we help

Satchel Pulse's Climate product

Simplify data collection

Satchel Pulse's Climate facilitates data collection with automatic surveys and data reports.


Guiding districts every step of the way

Climate helps you get relevant insights into your school district and supports you to make improvements.

Discover the areas that need improving

  • Bring previously-unknown issues to light by asking your community the right questions
  • Get accurate, actionable insights even with low participation rates
  • Track culture and climate trends over time and compare school and district-wide results

Get support to improve them

  • Receive automatic, in-platform guidance based on your survey results
  • Get further targeted support from our expert team of educational leaders
  • Upskill your staff with professional development to improve school culture and climate

The power of our Culture and Climate surveys

The efficient, effective way to gather culture and climate insights.

Climate surveys people want to take

Let survey fatigue and disregarded paper surveys be problems of the past. Our school climate surveys are free of jargon and easy to read. Colorful graphics and sliding scales engage respondents across all ages.

Image of feedback thread

Climate surveys people can take

Our bitesize surveys are quick to complete for all stakeholders, and our student surveys are always age appropriate. Plus, with anonymity ensured, respondents can give honest feedback and then give further details about their responses in private, in-platform conversations.

Image of feedback thread

Climate surveys people understand

ELL community members may feel isolated by long, complicated surveys. Comprehension is important - translate your climate surveys into your stakeholders’ strongest languages and watch community engagement grow.

Find out about our actionable insights

Reporting climate insights in multiple views

Our reporting tool quickly evaluates feedback and historical trends, showing them clearly to stakeholders at school or district-wide levels.

Instant reporting

Survey results and data trends are displayed and reported instantly as responses enter the system, informing targeted intervention efforts right away.

Various data levels

Interactive dashboards allow users to drill down into different areas, with climate data shown at a staff, student, or caregiver view, and at a school or district-wide level.

Easy to understand

Successes and areas for improvement are clearly highlighted and shown in an at-a-glance view, saving time and energy being spent in the wrong areas.

Help us make our products even better!

We're looking for district administrators to join us to provide feedback on our products and services. Apply to take part in one of our product research interviews. As a thank you for 45 minutes of your time we'll send you a $150 gift card.

Success stories

Hickman Mills School District logo

Hickman Mills C-1 School District

Find out how Satchel Pulse improved the culture and climate to create a supportive learning environment for all.

View success story
Dawson County School District logo

Dawson County School District

Find out how Satchel Pulse increased staff participation through a platform that already has the research-supported questions.

View success story
Image of Satchel Pulse Culture and Climate solution

Who is Satchel Pulse's Climate suitable for?

Our climate survey tool is ideal for all educational settings from kindergarten, to middle and high schools, and particularly suited for entire school districts. Our easy-to-use web-based climate survey platform has been designed and built in-house by award-winning school improvement software developers, Satchel.

Image of Satchel Pulse Culture and Climate solution

Trusted software

Pulse is built following the guidelines of key acts as the privacy of staff, students and parents is of utmost importance to us. Satchel has also signed the Project Unicorn EdTech vendor pledge and the Student Privacy Pledge.

Image of the logo for Project Unicorn
Image of the logo for the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act
Image of the logo for the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
Image of the logo for the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
Image of the logo for the Student Privacy Pledge
Image of the logo for the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment
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You are in good company

Gates County Schools logo

El Dorado School District

Behavior Support Specialist

My experience has been exceptional. Timely response to questions, great training, wonderful product!

Gates County Schools logo

Gates County


After the first nine weeks of using Satchel Pulse, 88.1% of our students met their academic goals for the nine weeks, and the students are on track to meet the second nine weeks' goals.

Franklin Local Schools logo

Franklin Local Schools

IT Support

By far, always the most responsive support I have ever had from any company!

Niles Middle School logo

Niles Middle School

Assistant principal

Satchel Pulse delivers great data especially when you're trying to collect as much data as you can on a student to help with their academic success.

Hillsboro School District logo

Hillsboro School District

Elementary School Principal

Satchel Pulse is rooted in the gold standard of social emotional learning with CASEL.

Havana 126 Logo

Havana 126


Support surpasses what I expected and is like no other program I’ve ever been involved with. Wonderful!

Niles Middle School logo

Niles Middle School

Assistant principal

Teachers no longer need to find their own SEL resources and their own curriculum because it is all available in the Satchel Pulse library.

Cranston Schools  Logo

Cranston Schools

School Social Worker

It has been a real pleasure working with all of you at Satchel Pulse. It's rare to experience the level of responsiveness and professionalism you've demonstrated, and it has been greatly appreciated.

Bibb County School District Logo

Bibb County School District


You are covering all my needs. You seem to know what is needed for all who participate.

Bensenville School District Logo

Bensenville School District


Satchel Pulse is great! It is helping with communication between staff and the higher ups!

Hillsboro School District logo

Hillsboro School District

Elementary School Principal

We love that Satchel Pulse easily and seamlessly analyzes the results for us.

Raymore Peculiar School District Logo

Raymore Peculiar School District


This is the easiest survey system I have ever used.

Dawson County School District logo

Dawson County School District

Executive Director of Student Services

We like that we can gather feedback frequently in smaller intervals, this helps us keep a beat on perception throughout the year.

Niles Middle School logo

Niles Middle School

Assistant principal

Satchel Pulse helps to meet students' SEL needs, and that's why we're in education - to make sure that our students are well taken care of.

Limestone County School District logo

Limestone County School District


As a new superintendent in the district, Satchel Pulse has been a huge help and will continue being so. We all want feedback and want our employees to know they have a voice, Satchel Pulse has provided that for us.

Hickman Mills C-1 School District logo

Hickman Mills C-1 School District

Associate Superintendent

Last year we had the least amount of resignations and retirements within the last five years.

Mekoryuk School logo

Mekoryuk School


Satchel Pulse gives an equal voice to every staff member, which they did not have before using this.

Douglas County School System logo

Douglas County School System


Satchel Pulse is so intuitive and easy to use. Help is always available if we ever need it!

Eek School Logo

Eek School


This is awesome. I can export the results from our student wellbeing survey with one click and compare results week on week.

Nelson Island School Logo

Nelson Island School


The survey took very little time and the interface was student friendly. The students especially liked using the sliding scale with the different faces instead of numbers or words, that made it easier for them.

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