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SEL: What Difference Will It Make?

Hear from two experienced school district leaders, including Traci Davis, sharing the measurable impact of systemic SEL initiatives on critical student outcomes.

Culture and Climate product

How Pulse works

  • Feedback is gathered regularly
  • Simple online survey interface
  • Surveys translated where needed
  • Results are calculated automatically
  • Data is displayed in real time
  • Visual interactive user dashboards
  • School and district benchmarking

Why choose Pulse

Pulse gives maximum impact for minimum effort, providing relevant culture and climate data throughout the year. Pulse takes care of everything from survey delivery and reminders to data collation and calculation giving you the results you need in an easy to read format.

Low impact

Gathering feedback from your staff, students and parents can be a huge drain on resources.

Pulse is designed to remove that pain by automating the entire process leaving you to focus on the results and the actions you want to take to improve them.

Quick results

Finally seeing the results from your survey can take weeks since responses were collected.

Pulse starts collating data as soon as responses are given, calculating their impact on the key areas relating to culture and climate and delivering the results instantly.

Simplified data

Ensuring that the data you get is easy to understand is critical to be able to make the right decisions.

Pulse shows a longitudinal analysis of culture and climate in clear, interactive dashboards that provide an at a glance view of the relevant data you need.

Inclusive surveys

Your survey results are only truly accurate if respondents really understand the questions you ask.

Pulse delivers surveys in your users' first language ensuring they know exactly what they’re being asked and that their responses are truly representative of how they feel.

Multiple views

Getting information that's relevant to you can mean sifting through much more data than you need to.

Pulse provides different user views, at a district level culture and climate information is shown for all schools, but principals see a detailed view of their school.

Paperless feedback

Paper based surveys are not only bad for the environment, they’re also resource intensive and costly.

Pulse is completely online with surveys delivered to a respondents mobile device, results seen through visual, interactive dashboards and downloadable reports.

Trusted software

Pulse is built following the guidelines of key acts as the privacy of staff, students and parents is of utmost importance to us. Satchel has also signed the Project Unicorn EdTech vendor pledge and the Student Privacy Pledge.

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Image of the logo for the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act
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Image of the logo for the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
Image of the logo for the Student Privacy Pledge
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Training and Support

We pride ourselves on the level of support Satchel Pulse customers receive. From day one, our dedicated team is here to provide support throughout the length of your licence.


Our team ensures that district leaders and principals get the ongoing training they need through webinars, update calls and materials to ensure that Pulse is a success in their school and district.


Our Customer Success advisors are on hand to provide help and support to district leaders and principals. Staff, students and parents can access our help centre to get the infomation they may need to help them use Pulse.


Setting up new software should be seamless - we integrate with your existing SIS and provide easy access for your users through SSO.

SIS Benefits

We sync with your SIS, pulling data directly from your district’s system to ensure staff and student data is up-to-date with minimal administration effort required from district staff.

Single Sign On

We provide single sign on options through Google and Microsoft to minimise the need for users to remember additional usernames and passwords.


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