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SEL Interventions Management

Satchel Pulse's SEL interventions management tool allows districts and school leaders to monitor student behavior progress with social emotional learning (SEL) interventions. If a student is struggling with making friends, lacks emotional regulation, or just needs guidance for developing prosocial behaviors, a social emotional learning intervention management tool can target these issues and get the student back on track. Then, monitor their social emotional progress and plan the next steps for further short-term and long-term successes.

Social emotional learning intervention management tool

Easily manage tier movements and get recommendations with Satchel Pulse.

Tier recommendations

Satchel Pulse enables data-driven decisions to help prioritize discussions around student behavior and facilitates targeted SEL programs with evidence-based tier recommendations. This means that all students who are struggling in certain skill areas are flagged, young learners whose social emotional competencies (self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making, social awareness, and relationship skills) change with different environments are tracked. Students currently faring well in their SEL development are not left to fall behind over time.

Satchel Pulse tier recommendations
Satchel Pulse SEL Intervention Management

Automated tier placement recommendations

Satchel Pulse's SEL interventions management tool automatically determines tier placements for all students, flagging those with problem areas in student behavior or academic achievement. Using evidence-based methods, our tier placement tool eases educators' work burdens and ensures no student gets left behind in their social emotional development. Educators can approve the automatic tier recommendations made by our intervention management tool or alter them to a tier they think better suits the student.

Satchel Pulse SEL Intervention Management

Effortless student intervention planning

Get appropriate intervention plans for each student, whether special needs or general education, based on accurate screening and assessment data. Increase academic achievements, prosocial behaviors, and social emotional competencies to ensure progression and growth in the right areas at the right time.

Intervention planning

Intervention planning is simple with Satchel Pulse's interventions management tool, which allows school leaders to align interventions with SEL screenings and assessments. With the flexibility to assign students as a group or on their own, systematically map out which students are involved in these interventions based on accurate data and understand the social emotional learning programs they could really benefit from.

Intervention grouping

Social emotional learning intervention management tools help group students into areas in common. For example, grouping students by the low social emotional learning competencies they have in common, such as responsible decision-making. They can also be grouped by grade, class, age, or school. Students are automatically grouped by our intervention management tool, saving schools time and resources and allowing targeted intervention classes to specifically provide opportunities the students need to develop their SEL skills.

Intervention library

The best SEL management tools offer a selection of intervention plans that are user-friendly and adaptable for all grade levels. SEL management tools should also be designed by experts in their field to ensure content is as high-quality as possible. That's why we created our high-quality intervention library for targeting social emotional competencies, providing extra guidance for students with special needs, and recommending the best SEL programs for your students. Districts can quickly search through our library of SEL intervention plans to find the expertly-made content they need for their intervention goals and targets.

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The SEL Store is a one-stop shop for all your social emotional learning needs, with hundreds of SEL resources ready to use in your classroom. Take a look at the SEL store today to purchase social emotional learning resources including SEL lessons, self-studies and activities that are all CASEL aligned.

SEL interventions explained

Satchel Pulse's Social Emotional Learning product

What are SEL interventions in early childhood?

SEL interventions in early childhood are the most effective and often provide the most positive results, but that's not to say that schools should not provide opportunities for SEL interventions for older students too. Students should be encouraged to develop their social skills and social emotional competencies as early as possible to get maximum benefit for the rest of their school careers. A good example of SEL interventions includes using color associations for strong emotions or even using an emotion wheel with faces so young learners can connect their feelings with colors, words, and expressions. Conversations surrounding SEL interventions with young learners should always be short and clear, and daily check-ins are very important for emotional development.

Satchel Pulse's Social Emotional Learning product

What intervention strategies are for students with emotional problems?

SEL intervention strategies can be anything from written worksheets to roleplay, from making art to watching videos. For students with emotional problems, such as those who lack emotional regulation, the most effective intervention strategies could be done in tier-based intervention classes or one-on-one with a school counselor, educator, or specialized support staff. SEL intervention strategies for students with emotional problems could include a group lunchtime session, facilitated by adults, where these students can do an activity that will challenge them on their emotional competencies in a fun, controlled environment. Rules and behavior expectations should be clearly defined at the beginning of each session, and the response students will see if they act inappropriately should be outlined.

Satchel Pulse's Social Emotional Learning product

What are Tier 1 / 2 interventions?

Our tier recommendations come in 3 groups: Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. Students can move between tiers based on their ever-changing social emotional competencies. Tier 1 and Tier 2 are for students who receive high marks in their social emotional competency assessments - those who may not immediately require SEL interventions. Tier 3, however, is for those students with problem areas regarding their social emotional development, such as those ranking low on self-awareness screenings or who commonly display student behavior problems. Tier 1 and Tier 2 interventions are therefore often less targeted for specific areas as they do not require immediate help, but rather to ensure that their social emotional competencies do not decrease over time.

Satchel Pulse's Social Emotional Learning product

What are evidence-based SEL interventions?

Evidence-based SEL interventions are high-quality intervention strategies that are designed by social emotional learning experts who know exactly how to use to target specific student issues. They aim to use proven methods and strategies to improve young learners' social emotional competencies and increase their readiness for college, career, and beyond. There is evidence, whether by research or tried-and-tested in classrooms, that these SEL interventions are effective and that they truly help students make progress with the social emotional competencies in the areas they need them. Academic research and studies are often the backbones of strong, evidence-based SEL interventions and help bring extra validity to the SEL strategies educators may choose.

The benefits of Satchel Pulse's SEL intervention management

With Satchel Pulse's SEL management tool, school leaders can quickly plan and monitor social emotional learning interventions while tracking tier movements and changes in student behavior. Our platform allows school leaders to get a full picture of where students are at, gauge where their social emotional competencies are heading and be aware of when further support is needed.

Intervention planning

Align interventions with SEL screenings and assessments with the flexibility to assign students as a group or individually. With Satchel Pulse's effective planning option on our SEL intervention management tool, you can easily map out which students are, and should be, involved in these interventions based on accurate data.

Satchel Pulse intervention set-up

Progress monitoring

Track student SEL progress while participating in interventions with multiple data sources for progress measurement. Personalize the data with anecdotal notes on progress observations, and add in qualitative data to get a better picture of where students are at with regard to personal and collective goals and where they're headed.

Satchel Pulse intervention progress monitoring

Tier movement

Get real-time views of the number of students in each tier, as well as their previous movement between tiers. See exactly where each student has received targeted SEL interventions in the past and find out where additional guidance is needed using search filters to look at a specific group for district goals and outcomes.

Satchel Pulse tracked tier movements
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Student Profile

Satchel Pulse gathers student information on current and historical SEL results, so school and district leaders get a complete view of student progress and development. Student profiles on Satchel Pulse's intervention management tool also include information such as if a student is having difficulty making friends, if they're demonstrating poor social problem-solving skills, or if they have special needs. We recommend that school leaders add as much information related to a young learner's social emotional competencies and development progress as possible onto the SEL intervention platform.

Get a complete view of your students' SEL journey

The student profile offers a full view of historical and current student data, including screeners over time, and both current and past interventions. You control which data you want to focus on and easily dig deeper. Avoid cognitive overload on your screen with our easy filtering system to sift through results and highlight the big data points for further analysis.

Get a demo of Satchel Pulse SEL, which includes an SEL intervention management tool, and start helping your students develop healthy identities, maintain supportive relationships, manage emotions and improve academic achievement.

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We’ll talk to you about assessing and monitoring SEL in your district and answer any questions you may have about Satchel Pulse. We’ll show you how you can provide teacher screening and student assessment through Satchel Pulse’s simple interface and how to use the data to deliver solution-provided tier 2 and 3 interventions.

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Social Emotional Learning Resources

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You are in good company

dodge County School District logo

Hillsboro School District

Elementary School Principal

Satchel Pulse provides an efficient assessment that has powerful levers to inform your support system.

dodge County School District logo

Dodge County Schools

MTSS District Coordinator

The teachers and admin have all seen the SEL results and the value of Satchel Pulse. We are all very impressed!

Bibb County School District Logo

Bibb County School District


You are covering all my needs. You seem to know what is needed for all who participate.

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Bensenville School District


Satchel Pulse is great! It is helping with communication between staff and the higher ups!

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Hillsboro School District

Elementary School Principal

Satchel Pulse is rooted in the gold standard of social emotional learning with CASEL.

dodge County School District logo

Dodge County Schools

MTSS District Coordinator

Satchel Pulse has the whole package: having a screener and an intervention library together, as well as the incredible support I’ve received.

Raymore Peculiar School District Logo

Raymore Peculiar School District


This is the easiest survey system I have ever used.

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Dawson County School District

Executive Director of Student Services

We like that we can gather feedback frequently in smaller intervals, this helps us keep a beat on perception throughout the year.

Limestone County School District logo

Limestone County School District


As a new superintendent in the district, Satchel Pulse has been a huge help and will continue being so. We all want feedback and want our employees to know they have a voice, Satchel Pulse has provided that for us.

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Hillsboro School District

Elementary School Principal

We love that Satchel Pulse easily and seamlessly analyzes the results for us.

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Dodge County Schools

MTSS District Coordinator

We’ve never had anything quite like Satchel Pulse. I think they are groundbreakers by providing both SEL screeners and interventions.

Hickman Mills C-1 School District logo

Hickman Mills C-1 School District

Associate Superintendent

Last year we had the least amount of resignations and retirements within the last five years.

Mekoryuk School logo

Mekoryuk School


Satchel Pulse gives an equal voice to every staff member, which they did not have before using this.

Douglas County School System logo

Douglas County School System


Satchel Pulse is so intuitive and easy to use. Help is always available if we ever need it!

Eek School Logo

Eek School


This is awesome. I can export the results from our student wellbeing survey with one click and compare results week on week.

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Nelson Island School


The survey took very little time and the interface was student friendly. The students especially liked using the sliding scale with the different faces instead of numbers or words, that made it easier for them.

Oakland Unified School District Logo

Oakland Unified School District


For me leading and teaching through the lens of SEL means supporting students to learn with and from each other and to take charge of their own learning.



Vice President of Practice & Programs

There's an 11 to 1 return on investment, so for every dollar invested in programming around social and emotional learning, we see that they're saving 11 dollars. There are lots of reasons people are coming to the conclusion that this is something that we need to be prioritizing.



Co-Founder & Board Chair

The truth is emotion drives attention and attention drives learning. Our country needs social and emotional learning tools now more than ever.

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Dallas Independent District

Deputy Superintendent

If you care about outcomes, you need to care about SEL. It is the pathway to get the outcomes that we all desire.

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