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Virtual Coaching for Students

Virtual coaching sessions to help you reach more students.

Get targeted instruction for all students

Ensure all students in every tier receive the exact life and social skills support they need for success.

Better understand your students’ needs

Learn more about the life and social skills needs of any students you are unable to directly support.

Be supported by expert educators

Reduce the burden on your staff with our life and social skills sessions from our experienced team.

Tailor our packages to suit your needs

Create the right program to target the areas where both you and your students need help.

Our Coaching Packages

Our coaching sessions, lasting up to 30 minutes, are enjoyable, interactive, and customizable to meet your student's specific requirements.

Large Group Coaching

16 or 32 live sessions

  • Sessions are life and social skills aligned and target the assessed skill development needs of the class
  • Progress monitoring and evidence for reporting
  • Our coaches work together with your classroom teacher to co-facilitate the class, empowering them to continue with activities outside the session while developing their life and social skills

After-School Programs

16 or 32 live sessions

  • Sessions where the students learn about their life and social skill development
  • Progress monitoring and evidence for reporting
  • Strengthen staff skills to support student development by viewing and participating in the virtual coaching sessions

Small Group Interventions

16 or 32 live sessions

  • Focus on the specific subskills needing support
  • Complete MTSS life and social skills supported and delivered virtually
  • Progress monitoring and evidence for reporting
  • Staff participates in the sessions in school to develop personal skills and get takeaway resources that can be used anytime, anywhere


Our coaching helps everyone from students to teachers and MTSS coordinators to district leaders.


  • Target your students’ specific skill development needs.
  • Encourage your students to build, own and utilize their life skills.
  • Improve students’ life and social skills journey with fun, engaging sessions.


  • Implement life and social skills without the extra burden on staff.
  • Connect with trained experts to learn more about teaching life and social skills.
  • Support professional development through session observation.


  • Implement your life and social skills program successfully - even with limited staff.
  • Fill in your resource gaps without increasing headcount.
  • Get maximum value through packages tailored to your needs and those of your students.

Give your students the skills support they need today

Book a quick call with one of our team to get set up with a package that works for you.

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Get Started

See our simple process to create an original comprehensive MTSS solution or to enhance your current one. Our Coaching is an ideal companion to our life and social skills software and professional services.

Step 1

Choose & customize he Skills Coaching packages of your choice.

Step 2

Meet with our team to discuss the timing and goals. Get assigned your Satchel Pulse life and social skills Coach.

Step 3

Pre-assessment (student screener or diagnostic) takes place if necessary.

Step 4

Subsequent virtual coaching sessions will take place once or twice a week and run anywhere from 6 weeks to a full school year.

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What do schools say about our Coaching?

Chestnut Log Middle School logo

Chestnut Log Middle School

School Counselor

The girls’ group… really enjoys the SEL meetings. We love the structure, and the girls look forward to each meeting. They gained some very critical life skills.

Chestnut Log Middle School logo

Chestnut Log Middle School

Middle School students

We like the sessions and think they should be longer… We are using what we learn at school and home.

Chestnut Log Middle School logo

McDade ISD


The one student who was the most against doing this [the coaching sessions], who said they didn’t want to do this, didn’t want to talk, and said I’m not going to open up, ended up having the most growth from the first screener to the last. So, seeing just that progress in a 4-week period… we knew without a doubt we needed it as part of the next school year.

Chestnut Log Middle School logo



I have already seen changes in the way [students] control their impulses as well as handling negative thoughts or emotions.

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