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Teacher choice 2021 with edtech impact

Support wellbeing and drive school improvement

Satchel Pulse saves you time by automating the surveying process, whilst our powerful AI technology analyses and collates responses for you. Start making data-led decisions that support wellbeing in your school, whilst helping to meet new Ofsted criteria.

Satchel Pulse group analysis and results

Address any workload and wellbeing concerns with regular surveys

As a school leader, you can now automatically gather feedback all year round - without adding to workload. Our 90 second, regular surveys build a picture over time so you can quickly take action where it’s most needed, avoiding snapshot views and knee-jerk responses.

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Satchel Pulse group analysis and results

Accelerate school improvement with custom-made surveys

Deep dive into areas for improvement with custom, branded surveys and get to the heart of wellbeing issues fast, then quickly analyse responses with instant graphs and PDF summaries. Our AI technology even sorts through hundreds of free-text responses in a click, using sentiment analysis so you can digest written responses in an instant.

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Satchel Pulse questions
Satchel Pulse school wellbeing pillars

Support wellbeing on a larger scale with MAT dashboards

Understanding teacher and student wellbeing across multiple schools can now be achieved in a simple MAT dashboard, which allows trust leaders to see at a glance how their schools compare and differ, so they can easily share best practices. Plus, schools in the trust can quickly see how their scores compare against the trust benchmark.

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Satchel Pulse school wellbeing pillars

What are you looking for?

Satchel Pulse's Wellbeing Tracker product

Wellbeing Tracker

Understand what's impacting your staff’s wellbeing and how to improve it, without having to be a wellbeing expert:

  • Automated wellbeing surveys created by experts & linked to core school pillars
  • Get honest feedback regularly from teachers, students and parents
  • Continuously surveying stakeholders provides real insight over time
  • Results collated and presented to you in easy-to-understand graphs and charts
  • View data trends and improvements over time for the entire school community
  • Know exactly which areas to focus on next and where to monitor
Image of the icon for Pulse's Survey Builder product

Survey Builder

Create bespoke surveys that target areas for improvement, with intelligent sentiment analysis done for you:

  • Create surveys on any topic with engaging question types
  • Customise surveys with your school's logo and colours to strengthen brand identity
  • Send a simple link to survey anyone in your school community
  • View anonymous responses in beautiful graphs, PDFs or CSVs
  • See text results in Survey Builder grouped by our AI sentiment analysis
  • Use results to make informed decisions for school improvement and wellbeing

Pricing and a demo are just a page away

At Satchel Pulse, our approach to pricing is as simple as our approach to surveying. On the next page you will be shown our flat-fee pricing and a demo - it’s easy to understand and there’s no hidden costs.

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