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Why Survey Builder?

Survey Builder was built so schools can better understand their students’ mental health. That’s why all surveys are anonymous, reliable, accessible and welcoming to all ages and capabilities.

  • Create inclusive surveys on any topic
  • Issue ready-made emotional wellbeing questionnaires
  • Engage with EAL families with on-demand expert translations
  • Hear from every voice with accessible and SEND friendly surveys
  • Get instant, easy-to-analyse results
  • AI technology sorts free-text responses based on sentiment

Accessible, inclusive surveys

In order for your surveys to be as valuable as possible, you need to get as many responses as possible. The more feedback you receive from your school community, the better changes you can make to support them. This is why we’ve built Survey Builder with accessibility front of mind so you can hear from every voice in your school.

  • Translate surveys into 40+ languages
  • Read questions aloud with text-to-speech functionality
  • Simple slider responses support younger pupils and those with SEND
  • Customise surveys to reflect your school's brand and sense of community
Surveys for the entire school community which can be translated into 40+ languages
Create student mental health surveys or choose ready-made emotional wellbeing questionnaires

Support student mental health

While teachers can create a survey on any topic relevant to their school, we pride ourselves on the fact that Survey Builder can be used to support students’ mental health in an efficient manner. This is why we have a bank of ready-made emotional wellbeing questionnaires that can be assigned to students straight away.

  • Expert-made emotional wellbeing surveys
  • Questionnaires made for primary and secondary aged-pupils
  • Create surveys off the back of results surfaced from Wellbeing Tracker
  • All results are anonymous for a confidential forum
Create student mental health surveys or choose ready-made emotional wellbeing questionnaires

Results collated for you

When it comes to surveys, the hardest part of the entire process is collating results - collecting feedback, sifting through free-text responses and making sense of the data. That’s why with Survey Builder, we do all the hard work for you. We provide you with instant results, display them in graphs and even sort free-text responses based on sentiment.

  • Results displayed in easy-to-understand graphs
  • Easily share results with colleagues, Governors or Ofsted
  • Receive results instantly as surveys are completed
  • AI technology sorts free-text responses based on sentiment
  • Sentiment analysis also identifies key themes in open-text responses
All survey results are collated for school leaders so they can take action based on data
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Want to see more of Survey Builder?

To request pricing for Survey Builder, click here, or sign up to a drop-in demo of Satchel Pulse using the calendar booking system below to see the product in action.

How it works

Create inclusive surveys on matters that are important to your school community, gather anonymous feedback and turn the results into positive actions.

Create survey

Use a ready-made survey or choose to create your own. Choose how you want your respondents to answer and if you need your survey translated into an additional language.

Customise and share

Choose to customise your survey with school branding and colours. Once complete, share your secure link publicly or privately so you can start collecting honest feedback.

Analyse results

Results will be displayed in easy-to-understand graphs, and free-text responses will be sorted based on sentiment. This means you can start making positive changes right away.

How is Survey Builder different?

What sets Survey Builder aside from other survey tools is its backing by experts, built-in human translations and focus on improving school culture and wellbeing.

Flexible questions

Survey responses can be multiple choice, multi-select, sliding scales or free text so you can drill down and get the exact feedback you need to drive improvement.

Add sections

Gathering feedback on different areas? Add sections to your survey to break up questions and group them by theme.

Customise your survey

Style your survey with a background image, logo and patterns to match your school’s brand so stakeholders are greeted with a familiar interface.

Make it secure

Publish your survey with expiry dates, passcodes and private URLs for easy sharing and peace of mind.

Works on all devices

Our surveys work on smartphones, tablets and computers with just a basic internet connection, making it easy for everyone to provide feedback.

Analyse results quickly

All survey results are displayed beautifully on your dashboard. Organised by questions, you can easily analyse responses from one place.

Compare results

Export directly to Excel and view collated results or by individual responses. This is useful when you want to dive deeper using the power of Microsoft’s Excel.

Republish or clone

Save time by quickly reusing a survey already created and compare historic results with new results. You can also clone a survey so you don’t have to start from scratch.

View sentiment

Get detailed sentiment analysis of free text responses. See what themes and topics are common and whether responses around them are positive or negative.

Pricing and a demo are just a page away

At Satchel Pulse, our approach to pricing is as simple as our approach to surveying. On the next page you will be shown our flat-fee pricing and a demo - it’s easy to understand and there’s no hidden costs.

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