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What is Satchel Pulse?

Wellbeing and skills solutions that help your students manage their emotions, behave better and achieve more

Satchel Pulse's Skills product


Transform student behaviour with the power of social emotional learning

Satchel Pulse's Wellbeing Tracker product

Wellbeing Tracker

Track and monitor the wellbeing of your entire school community

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Survey Builder

Create custom school surveys to dive deeper into important issues

Award-winning software providers

Satchel Pulse is created by award-winning school software company, Satchel - partners to 1 in 3 UK secondary schools and creators of Satchel One.

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Wellbeing Award

Start making real change

Satchel Pulse has the power to make real, positive change in your school, improving everything from wellbeing to academic performance and behaviour.

Satchel Pulse school wellbeing pillars

Feel confident in your wellbeing strategy

Satchel Pulse was created by experts in education, psychology, wellbeing and SEND, so you can feel confident that you’re doing the best for your students. The data you receive through Satchel Pulse is always statistically valid, easy to digest and actionable.

Satchel Pulse school wellbeing pillars

Give your community a voice

Giving your staff, students and parents a platform to share their thoughts helps them feel heard and lets you identify areas where change is needed. Our software is always designed with ease-of-use and inclusivity in mind so your whole community can get involved.

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Satchel Pulse group analysis and results

Transform student behaviour

Low level behavioural concerns disrupt learning and waste staff time. Taking a proactive approach to behaviour management through tracking wellbeing and improving students’ social and emotional skills has the power to transform student behaviour at your school for good.

What are you looking for?

Satchel Pulse's Skills product


From £2.50 per student

Help your students develop the social emotional learning skills they need to thrive in all areas of life.

  • Student self-assessment surveys based on social emotional learning principles
  • Teachers assess their students using a simple rubric
  • Automated tier suggestions save valuable staff time
  • See which skills students need more support and create targeted intervention groups
  • Set lessons for self study from our library of lesson plans
  • Track progress and see how students' skills are developing
Satchel Pulse's Wellbeing Tracker product

Wellbeing Tracker

From £499 per year

Track, monitor and improve the wellbeing of your school community to start making real change.

  • Automated wellbeing surveys created by experts
  • Gather consistent, anonymous feedback that provides real insight
  • All results are collated for you and displayed in graphs
  • Easily share results with SLT, governors or Ofsted
  • Identify trends over time and establish a baseline for your school
  • Get pointers on how to improve wellbeing with actions
Image of the icon for Pulse's Survey Builder product

Survey Builder

From £99 per year

Create surveys that are accessible, inclusive and help you better understand your school community.

  • Create surveys on any topic
  • Translate surveys into 40+ languages with professional translations
  • Text-to-speech functionality available on all surveys
  • Choose to assign ready-made emotional wellbeing questionnaires
  • Responses are all collated for you and displayed in graphs
  • Free-text responses are sorted with AI technology based on sentiment
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