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Social Emotional Learning and Student Progress

Social emotional learning (SEL) is a process that helps students develop essential life skills like emotional management, healthy relationship building and responsible decision making.

Research has shown that the numerous benefits of incorporating SEL into the classroom include improved behaviour, academic performance and mental health, making SEL the best way to achieve a safe, supportive and inclusive learning environment.

Satchel Pulse's Skills product

Reduce low level disruption

Strengthen your behaviour policy and reduce low level disruption with a proactive behaviour management tool that teaches your students how to behave well instead of just punishing them when they don't. 62% of teachers have considered leaving their jobs due to poor pupil behaviour, so put your staff first and improve teacher retention with the power of social emotional learning.

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Get to know your students

Get to the root of behavioural issues and understand your students so you can stop misbehaviour in its tracks. Skills helps you identify the ‘why?’ behind negative student behaviour so that you can prevent rather than react, reducing teacher stress and saving valuable classroom time. Research shows that SEL has the power to reduce conduct problems and empower your students to behave at their best.

Satchel Pulse's Skills product
Satchel Pulse's Skills product

Support your Character Education curriculum

Skills supports your Character Education curriculum by strengthening student virtues and automating processes to save you valuable time and energy. Skills can also be used by Trauma Informed schools to help achieve their student support goals. Track and record your progress to let Ofsted know that you've got your finger on the pulse.

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Improve your school environment

Skills contributes to a calm and supportive classroom environment by teaching your students how to make friends, communicate better and understand the impact their actions have on others. 54% of teachers believe that the quality of young people's education is affected by disrupted lessons so it's time to make calmer classrooms a priority for improved academic and wellbeing outcomes.

Satchel Pulse's Skills product
Satchel Pulse's Skills product

Empower students for life beyond school

Prepare your students for higher education and the world of work by developing their problem solving, teamwork, self management and communication with Skills. SEL helps you feel confident that your students are set up to succeed, no matter what they choose to do next.

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How Skills can help

Satchel Pulse streamlines and automates the entire assessment and data collection process so you can spend more time making real change.

Social Emotional Learning Assessment
Our student self assessment tool has ease and inclusivity front of mind with simple emotive sliders, text-to-speech functionality and translations at the click of a button to support EAL users.
Our staff tool helps to remove bias and ensures that students' SEL scores are accurate, giving you complete confidence in the results.
Automated assessment reminders and status updates significantly reduce teacher workload.

Innovative tools for improved outcomes

Make real changes that are backed by data and don't increase workload for your busy staff

Easy results viewing

Quickly view student data on a colour-coded, intuitive dashboard that makes taking the next step as easy as a click.

Satchel Pulse overview of SEL competency scores

Automatic assessment reports

Reports are easy to digest and sent automatically to save your staff valuable time and help speed up interventions.

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Useful support tiers

Our intelligent AI powered sorting system automatically groups students by support level. No more complicated spreadsheets!

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Faster intervention planning

Everything you need to plan successful interventions, so you can spend more time delivering them.


Our planning tools use assessment data to identify which students are in need of interventions, automating a usually lengthy process to significantly reduce workload.


Student intervention grouping organises students with overlapping needs into intervention groups, helping with consistency and saving your staff precious time.


Our digital interventions library is filled with targeted, age-specific intervention plans that give your staff a head start and eliminate the need for guesswork.

Classroom ready lessons

Guide and support student development with ready-made SEL lessons that teach your students core skills.

Support intervention plans

Our lessons work in tandem with intervention plans for a full package solution that reinforces intervention content.


We have hundreds of lessons ready for you to use that align with the CASEL framework and are designed to increase student skills.

Resources for all students

All our lessons are age and level appropriate to make sure all students get the most out of learning and nobody is left behind.

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