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Better interventions

Effective, relevant interventions are key for nurturing student progress. Skills Interventions uses student data to automate, track and improve the interventions process, helping you give your students support that’s tailored to their individual needs.

Seamless intervention management

Automate intervention management to streamline the process for your staff.

Tiered support

Our support ranking tool uses student assessment data to automatically sort your students by level of support needed into a dynamic, colour-coded dashboard. No more time wasted sifting through data, know exactly what your students need at the click of a button.

Satchel Pulse tier recommendations
Satchel Pulse SEL Intervention Management

Automated support tiers

Skills Interventions uses a 3-tier graduated approach to identify which students need which levels of support. Students are placed into a tier based on their assessment data, helping you feel confident that they’re getting the right support for their needs.

Satchel Pulse SEL Intervention Management

Faster intervention planning

Everything you need to plan successful interventions, so you can spend more time delivering them.


Our planning tools use assessment data to identify which students are in need of interventions, automating a usually lengthy process to significantly reduce workload.


Student intervention grouping organises students with overlapping needs into intervention groups, helping with consistency and saving your staff precious time.


Our digital interventions library is filled with targeted, age-specific intervention plans that give your staff a head start and eliminate the need for guesswork.

Why your school needs Skills Interventions

Quickly plan, implement and monitor social emotional learning interventions with help from our intuitive platform.

Powered by AI

Eliminate human error and automate processes with a platform powered by intelligent AI.

Satchel Pulse intervention set-up

Easy trend-tracking

Seamlessly track processes with easy-to-understand tables, graphs, reports and status updates.

Satchel Pulse intervention progress monitoring

Dynamic results

View student results in real time, including individual student data and data for your school as a whole.

Satchel Pulse tracked tier movements
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Understand your students

Our student profiles combine current and historic social emotional assessment data into one easy dashboard that shows you trends within the student body.

Satchel Pulse's Skills product

A complete view of student progress

The student profile overlays student self assessment data with teacher review scores to give you easy access to the full picture on any of your students. All the data you need to help your students thrive, all in one convenient place.

Satchel Pulse student profile

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