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Why Skills Lessons?

Teach your students how to successfully navigate life with Skills Lessons, a digital SEL curriculum made up of ready-to-go lessons, self studies and activities. No more guesswork about how to implement social emotional learning at your school, just an easy-to-follow toolkit for supporting your students’ emotional development.


The CASEL Framework is an evidence-based social emotional learning model, approved by the Education Endowment Foundation for use in the UK, that outlines which skills are instrumental to your students’ prosocial development. Our digital curriculum is made up of hundreds of multimedia SEL lessons and activities that are closely mapped to this effective framework.

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Image of teacher built Satchel Pulse SEL Lessons platform

Built by teachers, for teachers

Our team of expert lesson designers have decades of experience in education and know exactly what your students need to thrive. Our lesson library is always growing, giving you regular fresh content that teachers, students and parents love.

Image of teacher built Satchel Pulse SEL Lessons platform

Classroom ready

Great lessons only get you so far, they need to be easy-to-use too. Our lessons are always classroom-ready, fun and engaging, making implementing social emotional learning seamless.

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Customisable playlists

Our time-saving playlists are a great way to speed up course planning, giving useful suggestions about which lessons work best together. You can also create your own playlists for easy organisation, or edit existing playlists to better fit the unique needs of your students.

Image of Satchel Pulse flexible SEL playlists

Key benefits of Skills Lessons

Using our Skills Lessons platform has so many benefits, but here are 3 of our favourites:


All our resources are completely ready for the classroom, saving busy teachers valuable planning time.


Interactivity and gamification are key components in our engaging social emotional lesson plans.


Keep your students interested and enjoying themselves with a variety of different lesson types and activities.

Support student development

Guide and support student development with SEL self-studies. Designed to be completed asynchronously, students work on self-study lessons outside of the classroom to supplement their school emotional development programme.

Support intervention plans

Our self-studies work in tandem with Intervention plans for a full package solution that can help reinforce work done in class.


Hundreds of self-guided SEL activities based on CASEL competencies, designed to increase a range of positive behaviours.

Resources for all students

Developmentally appropriate self-guided lessons that can be used at school, or independently at a pace that works for them.

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