Satchel Pulse Wellbeing Tracker - monitor & improve school wellbeing

Why Wellbeing Tracker?

Wellbeing Tracker takes the legwork out of managing wellbeing so school leaders can stop talking about wellbeing and start improving it.

  • Improve staff wellbeing and student mental health
  • Give students a place to share their thoughts
  • Instant results that drive school improvement
  • Identify concerns before they become issues
  • Create a happier team and reduce staff turnover
  • Reduce the amount of time and money spent on recruitment
  • Survey questions created by experts in education
  • Automated surveys track wellbeing over time
  • Created by Satchel, world-class edtech suppliers
  • Already used by thousands of teachers and students

Make data-led, positive changes

Wellbeing Tracker gives school leaders the information they need to make positive changes in their school. Visual graphs and useful prompts help SLT understand where they need to focus efforts and how they can better support their school community.

  • Create a benchmark for your school
  • Compare results across departments and year groups
  • See trends over time and avoid knee-jerk reactions
  • Share results with Governors or Ofsted
  • Use data to inform leadership meetings
  • Assess the impact of new initiatives
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Satchel Pulse questions translated into other languages

Support the entire school community

The wellbeing of your entire school community is integral to creating a positive culture where learners and teachers thrive. It’s for this reason that Wellbeing Tracker can be used to monitor staff, student and parent wellbeing - ensuring each stakeholder has the opportunity to share their voice.

  • Age-appropriate questions for primary and secondary pupils
  • Anonymous results so everyone can share their true feelings
  • Text-to-speech functionality that’s perfect for younger pupils, those with SEND or EAL families
  • Simple survey responses with emotive faces help students of all abilities express themselves
  • Wellbeing Tracker supports Ofsted compliance around wellbeing
Satchel Pulse questions translated into other languages

Resources created by experts

When dealing with your school community's mental health and wellbeing, it’s paramount that you’re sensitive to any issues they may be experiencing and use high-quality resources to support them. That’s why each survey question in Wellbeing Tracker is created by experts specifically for schools.

  • Questions have been created with teachers, SENDCos and psychologists
  • Survey statements are written following BRUSO so respondents can understand statements and answer quickly and easily
  • Experts in each content area have expertly weighted questions for all pillars
  • Surveys created and peer-reviewed by experienced subject matter experts and survey methodologists
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Book a demo

Find out what Wellbeing Tracker can do for you with a short, no-strings-attached demo at a time that suits you. You’ll be able to ask any questions, get pricing and discuss the unique needs of your school.

How it works

With Wellbeing Tracker, you can start tracking wellbeing from day one. Our plug-and-play approach follows three steps: Survey, Analyse, Action.

Send surveys

Surveys are linked to key areas that are integral to school success for each user - teachers, students or parents. Questions are created by experts in SENDCo and psychology and are answered in 90 seconds with a simple slider format on desktop or mobile.

Analyse results

Result collation is automated and anonymised to ensure respondents are open and honest with their answers. Results are displayed in beautifully simple graphs so you can view trends over time and identify causes for concern.

Take action

Now SLT can see how the whole school is feeling or drill down by user type, pillar, year group or department. These results can then inform wellbeing meetings, help prioritise initiatives and ultimately improve school culture.

How is Wellbeing Tracker different?

The wellbeing of staff and students has never been more important than it is now. Wellbeing Tracker has been built alongside professionals to provide schools with the best tools to help improve school happiness, retain teachers and make meaningful improvements.

Ofsted compliance

Give evidence to Ofsted that you are making positive changes to school culture in line with the Leadership & Management, Personal Development and Behaviour & Attitudes judgements.

Investing in your future

Pulse helps you identify issues as they happen and act on them instantly. Find out how to keep staff happy, retain teachers and continually make improvements with detailed insights and graphs.


Wellbeing Tracker’s surveys are linked to core school pillars that give school leaders the information they need to make meaningful changes and improve school wellbeing.

Software you can trust

Pulse is brought to you by Satchel, education software specialists with over a decade’s worth of experience, and who have worked closely alongside teachers, psychologists, data scientists and SENDCos to create the platform.

In-depth analysis

With Wellbeing Tracker the entire process is automated from surveying through to collating results. We display results in an easy-to-analyse format so you can quickly see where you need to focus efforts to see improvement.

Improve teacher retention

In order to retain good teachers their wellbeing needs to be looked after and their voices heard. Offer staff a secure forum to share opinions and show them you care about their wellbeing with regular surveys.

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