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In addition to acceptance of the program from the staff, our office referrals have been greatly reduced. Since the start of the program's first month, our office referrals decreased by 44.7%, and in the second month a whopping 62.6% from the program's initial start. After the first nine weeks, 88.1% of our students met their academic goals for the nine weeks, and based on the data that we are seeing at this point, the students are on track to meet the second nine weeks' goals. Gates County has 639 students, 44 teachers, 24 teacher assistants, 3 school counselors,and 6 administrators across the district in three elementary schools participating in the program. Students begin to utilize the SEL skills they are learning in the interventions. Teachers are also gaining high levels of social competence are better able to protect themselves from burnout.

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Niles Middle School

Leah Marsh

Leah Marsh, Niles Middle School, discusses how Satchel Pulse can identify students with behavior issues and explains what comes next.

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