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SEL lessons explained

Satchel Pulse's Social Emotional Learning product

What is an SEL lesson?

SEL lessons are tailored lesson plans that develop students’ SEL skills, improve their growth mindset, help them deal with strong emotions, and improve their overall wellbeing. The best SEL lessons are designed to be age-appropriate for kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, or high school age groups. SEL lessons can either be new lessons taught separately from other subjects or embedded into an existing core curriculum throughout the school year.

Satchel Pulse's Social Emotional Learning product

What are good SEL lessons?

Any lesson taught in the school year has the potential to be a good SEL lesson, but the best and most effective SEL lessons are aligned with the CASEL core competencies. These are the SEL skills on which we base the Satchel Pulse SEL lessons platform. Research shows that the most effective SEL lesson plan considers the learning level of the student (kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school), is age-appropriate, and targets specific skills systematically.

Satchel Pulse's Social Emotional Learning product

Is SEL a curriculum?

Social emotional learning can be a curriculum, but it doesn’t have to be. SEL skills development can be integrated into existing curriculums by embedding SEL activities into core subjects, such as math, so SEL does not have to be taught as its own curriculum. However, some schools may prefer to have separate social emotional learning lessons too. Satchel Pulse helps schools districts with both of these options so you have the flexibility you need.

Satchel Pulse's Social Emotional Learning product

What is CASEL?

CASEL stands for the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning. They’re an association with a vision to help all children become lifelong learners via SEL skill development. Most SEL curriculums, SEL lesson tools, and social emotional development strategies are designed around the five interrelated SEL competency areas as outlined by CASEL. These competencies are self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills, responsible decision-making, and self-management.

Why Satchel Pulse SEL lessons?

Our SEL lesson platform facilitates school districts’ abilities to make informed choices regarding their SEL lessons and how they are implemented. With Satchel Pulse, you can access SEL activities, solid strategies, and targeted interventions that promote the SEL skills of all students.

CASEL-aligned SEL Lessons platform

The CASEL Framework is an evidence-based model trusted by many school districts to pinpoint which SEL skills students need to develop. Get hundreds of multimedia SEL lessons and activities such as short videos and self-reflection activities that follow the CASEL model for SEL.

Image of Satchel Pulse CASEL-aligned SEL Lessons platform
Image of teacher built Satchel Pulse SEL Lessons platform

Built by teachers, for teachers

Built by teachers, for teachers. Our team of trained SEL lesson designers have decades of experience in education and the knowledge to equip teachers with SEL lessons for kindergarten, elementary, middle school, and high school students.

Image of teacher built Satchel Pulse SEL Lessons platform

Classroom ready

SEL lessons are only effective when teachers really use them and we’ve made this as easy as possible to do. Our SEL lessons are all readily available - just log onto our library, browse our recommended SEL lessons, and begin the social emotional learning activities. With class discourse already built around the SEL lesson content, there’s less prep required from teachers.

Image of easy to use Satchel Pulse SEL Lessons solution
Image of Satchel Pulse flexible SEL playlists

Flexible SEL playlists

SEL lessons are organized into Pulse playlists with flexible scope and sequence. These are designed to make it easy to tailor social emotional learning instruction to the needs of the whole class and specific students, ensuring no student gets left behind and always receives the help they need in the areas they need it.

Image of Satchel Pulse flexible SEL playlists

The benefits of SEL lessons

Our SEL lesson platform provides actionable, adaptable lessons. They connect administrators, educators, and interventionists with culturally-affirming practices, strategies, and interventions. Support the development of personal strengths and well-being with Satchel Pulse’s SEL lesson software.

Efficient, ready-to-go lessons

Each SEL lesson on our SEL lesson platform has been created by educators who understand the need for easy-to-implement, high-quality social emotional learning activities. They help alleviate stress and cut down time with lesson planning by providing teachers with the lessons they’re looking for.

Engaging lessons for all

Satchel Pulse SEL lessons integrate with Peardeck to facilitate student engagement. Teachers and students have access to a wide range of powerful and engaging lessons. These lessons include interactive, age-appropriate social emotional learning activities, questions, videos, and animations for every CASEL subskill.

Variety of resources

Keep your students engaged with an assortment of SEL activities including read-aloud content, videos on different emotions, self-reflection activities, and games. Every student learns in their own way and SEL activities should reflect this, which is why our expert SEL educators have created a variety of SEL activities.


Discover the new SEL Store powered by Satchel Pulse!

The SEL Store is a one-stop shop for all your social emotional learning needs, with hundreds of SEL resources ready to use in your classroom. Take a look at the SEL store today to purchase social emotional learning resources including SEL lessons, self-studies and activities that are all CASEL aligned.

Created by experts

All of our SEL resources are created by experts in social emotional learning, so you can be confident that they’ll make a real difference to the learning experience in your classroom.

Hundreds of SEL resources

Our expert-backed collection of social emotional learning lessons and self-studies are in Google Slides format and are all Pear Deck friendly - perfect for presenting in your classroom.

Free SEL Store samples

Download a free sample of our SEL resources from our SEL Store to see exactly what you’ll receive. You can then select which SEL resources that you want to purchase individually or as bundle.

The difference with SEL lessons using an SEL lesson tool

By using Satchel Pulse’s SEL lesson tool, you take the hard work out of SEL activities planning and can put your trust in our expert content creators. Our team build discourse around lesson content to increase engagement, activate student schema, and drive reflection.

The lesson content includes:

  • 6-10 minutes for tier 1 students with a video and reflection/discussion questions.
  • 15-30 minutes for tiers 2 and 3 students, with check-in, video, discussion, and optimistic closure (one of CASEL’s signature practices).

Take a look at the intro for this SEL lesson video, which is focused on how to build strong relationships.

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What are some SEL activities?

Social emotional learning activities range from simply making eye contact when talking to students, to encouraging active listening during class, to intervention worksheets. With social emotional learning activities, the choices are endless.

Top tip: Develop students’ ability to make good decisions by asking them to choose their own SEL activities for homework!

Efficiently plan interventions on our SEL lesson platform

Satchel Pulse’s SEL lesson platform includes an intervention library, designed to improve the SEL skills development of students by providing targeted resources that support their overall growth.

Intervention library

Searchable by grade level, CASEL competency, and subskills. Educators rate the impact of interventions, giving confidence in the teaching and the implementation strategies.

Intervention lesson plans

Each intervention plan includes 6-8 lessons aligned with CASEL subskills, designed specifically for tier 2 and 3 students in a small group or a one-to-one setting.

Pulse Playlists

Our experts have mapped out multiple SEL lesson playlists to personalize and guide SEL curriculums.

Access pre-built lists

Save time and ensure SEL skills alignment using Pulse playlists. Pulse playlists help teachers organize and plan content that meets the unique needs of the class.

Image of Satchel Pulse Pulse playlists

Grade-appropriate lessons

Support students’ social emotional development through activities tailored to their specific needs. Pulse playlists and lessons are available for grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12.

Image of Satchel Pulse SEL activities

Flexible resources

Create a custom curriculum by adding targeted lessons to your Pulse playlists. School leaders can easily build and share site-specific playlists for everyone to use.

Image of Satchel Pulse flexible resources
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Student self-study

With our student self-study, recognize each student's individuality in the learning environment by offering independent practice for the whole class. Designed to be completed asynchronously, students work on self-study lessons outside of the classroom - at home or in isolated work environments.

Support intervention plans

SEL lessons and student self-study features both coordinate with the Satchel Pulse Intervention plans. With SEL self-study, students build their SEL skills and personal well-being through age-appropriate resources.

CASEL select program

Hundreds of self-guided SEL activities based on CASEL competencies, designed to increase self-awareness, their academic achievements, and their positive behaviors, both inside and out of the school classroom.

Resources for K-12 students

Developmentally appropriate SEL lessons that can be practiced at school as well as independently reinforced and mastered in the students' own time and at a pace that works best for them through a student portal.

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You are in good company

dodge County School District logo

Hillsboro School District

Elementary School Principal

Satchel Pulse provides an efficient assessment that has powerful levers to inform your support system.

dodge County School District logo

Dodge County Schools

MTSS District Coordinator

The teachers and admin have all seen the SEL results and the value of Satchel Pulse. We are all very impressed!

Bibb County School District Logo

Bibb County School District


You are covering all my needs. You seem to know what is needed for all who participate.

Bensenville School District Logo

Bensenville School District


Satchel Pulse is great! It is helping with communication between staff and the higher ups!

dodge County School District logo

Hillsboro School District

Elementary School Principal

Satchel Pulse is rooted in the gold standard of social emotional learning with CASEL.

dodge County School District logo

Dodge County Schools

MTSS District Coordinator

Satchel Pulse has the whole package: having a screener and an intervention library together, as well as the incredible support I’ve received.

Raymore Peculiar School District Logo

Raymore Peculiar School District


This is the easiest survey system I have ever used.

Dawson County School District logo

Dawson County School District

Executive Director of Student Services

We like that we can gather feedback frequently in smaller intervals, this helps us keep a beat on perception throughout the year.

Limestone County School District logo

Limestone County School District


As a new superintendent in the district, Satchel Pulse has been a huge help and will continue being so. We all want feedback and want our employees to know they have a voice, Satchel Pulse has provided that for us.

dodge County School District logo

Hillsboro School District

Elementary School Principal

We love that Satchel Pulse easily and seamlessly analyzes the results for us.

dodge County School District logo

Dodge County Schools

MTSS District Coordinator

We’ve never had anything quite like Satchel Pulse. I think they are groundbreakers by providing both SEL screeners and interventions.

Hickman Mills C-1 School District logo

Hickman Mills C-1 School District

Associate Superintendent

Last year we had the least amount of resignations and retirements within the last five years.

Mekoryuk School logo

Mekoryuk School


Satchel Pulse gives an equal voice to every staff member, which they did not have before using this.

Douglas County School System logo

Douglas County School System


Satchel Pulse is so intuitive and easy to use. Help is always available if we ever need it!

Eek School Logo

Eek School


This is awesome. I can export the results from our student wellbeing survey with one click and compare results week on week.

Nelson Island School Logo

Nelson Island School


The survey took very little time and the interface was student friendly. The students especially liked using the sliding scale with the different faces instead of numbers or words, that made it easier for them.

Oakland Unified School District Logo

Oakland Unified School District


For me leading and teaching through the lens of SEL means supporting students to learn with and from each other and to take charge of their own learning.



Vice President of Practice & Programs

There's an 11 to 1 return on investment, so for every dollar invested in programming around social and emotional learning, we see that they're saving 11 dollars. There are lots of reasons people are coming to the conclusion that this is something that we need to be prioritizing.



Co-Founder & Board Chair

The truth is emotion drives attention and attention drives learning. Our country needs social and emotional learning tools now more than ever.

Dallas Independent School District Logo

Dallas Independent District

Deputy Superintendent

If you care about outcomes, you need to care about SEL. It is the pathway to get the outcomes that we all desire.

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